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Chevon developed "NORM," a skincare line that combined these ancient formulas with modern chemistry, reviving and modernizing the powerful Normorian botanical practices. "NORM" quickly gained global recognition for its unique ability to rejuvenate the skin by awakening dormant energies, aligning modern wellness with ancient tradition.


As a leader in the wellness industry, Chevon advocated for a holistic approach to beauty, promoting a blend of heritage and science that resonated worldwide, proving that the mystical magic of Normoria was not lost but had awaited rediscovery.

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Natural Organic Matters encourages the continued protection of the environment while providing a variety of natural products that have transparent formulas.


To redefine skincare standards through a commitment to sustainability, transparency, and simplicity, ensuring that our operations, from sourcing to sales, reflect a circular economy and prioritize both environmental and body health.


To champion a holistic approach to skincare by harnessing Earth’s natural elements, ensuring that every product we create not only promotes good health and well-being but also respects and gives back to the environment.


The NORM Movement

The NORM Movement

A portion of our proceeds goes to Tree Canada for the reforestation of Canada.


Skin-improving formulas for all skin types.

100% laboratory tested

All products are carefully lab tested with international standards

not tested on animals

All products sold on the market are committed to not testing on animals

natural ingredients

Produced entirely from natural ingredients, safe for all skin type

100% paraben free

100% paraben free to limit irritation to the most sensitive skin

Skin-improving formulas  for all skin types.

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