Made in Canada with nothing but natural ingredients

Our almond balm is hand crafted with natural ingredients, making it the perfect go-to product for locking in moisture. This product works great for those with dry or sensitive skin

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Almond Balm - Natural Organic Body Moisturizer

Dealing with dry or sensitive skin can be stressful, especially when the temperature starts to drop, and your skin starts to get flaky. Our Health Canada certified almond balm absorbs into the skin and leaves a non-greasy finish to help you get your glow on! Packed with vitamins and minerals, the balm makes a promise to hydrate your skin and leave you worry free when you’re out and about.

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The Norm Movement

While equipping our customers with the safest possible products is one of our main goals, we don’t stop just there. NORM aims to provide people with the opportunity to contribute to the wellbeing of the environment and innocent animals by giving a portion of their proceeds to Tree Canada.

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We Use Ingredients That You Can Pronounce!

Does your mouth stutter when you’re reading a product label with words in them that you can’t figure out how to read out loud? We want you to use a moisturizer that you can enjoy without having to turn to the dictionary every few seconds when you’re reading the ingredients list.



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