Say goodbye to extremely dry skin!

November 04, 2020

Say goodbye to extremely dry skin!

As the pandemic takes over the world and you follow the precautions recommended by health officials to wash and sanitize your hands as many times as possible to reduce the spread of COVID-19, but in the process, you might be forgetting to do what comes after - moisturize! The lack of moisturizing can leave you with extremely dry skin that not only leads you to hide your hands and face from others out of embarrassment but also with irritation.

Excessively washing your hands sucks out the natural oils from your skin and some harsh ingredients in soap can allow antibiotic-resistant bacteria to form - this means the products made to kill bacteria can lead to them growing! Without getting into the depth of scientific facts, in simple words - wash your hands when needed and don’t go overboard. Every time you wash your hands or face, use a hydrating moisturizer to restore the lost oils and moisture.

Why should you be careful while washing your hands?

The protective lipid layer of our skin is responsible for keeping the bacteria away and maintaining moisture, overwashing breaks the skin, drying it out, and leading to itchy, flaky, and rough skin. Constant washing also strips our skin of natural waxes and oils that exist to protect our skin.

How to avoid dryness while washing your hands frequently?

Use a decent amount of fragrance-free soap to create a lather, but don’t go too crazy. Use luke-warm water and rinse for at least 20 seconds. Use a soft towel to dry them and apply a hydrating moisturizer.

What kind of moisturizer should you use?

While a top-notch brand with fancy ingredients might be appealing to the eyes, when it comes to taking care of your skin at a time like this when several ingredients are already gaining access to your skin, it’s best to take the all-natural approach and use an organic moisturizer. The fewer ingredients you use, the less risk you’re putting your skin through.

How often should you use a moisturizer?

Every time you wash your hands, as long as you’re not handling food after, dab some moisturizer on to your skin and don’t give it an opportunity to get uncomfortable. Since washing your hands often leaves you with very dry skin, you should make every attempt to prevent that before it occurs.

What if my skin is extremely damaged?

Rough skin can be difficult to deal with. Attempt to use all-natural remedies to take care of them, but if you begin to experience difficulties that Google has no answer to, reach out to a dermatologist if you feel the need to.

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