Very dry skin - A side effect of the pandemic we overlook

November 04, 2020

Very dry skin - A side effect of the pandemic we overlook

Along with the pandemic being an alarming health concern to most, it also tends to create an issue that is sometimes overlooked - which is very dry skin. The act of repeatedly washing and sanitizing our hands can damage our skin and take the moisture out of it.


In addition to our hands becoming overly dry, our face also tends to suffer if we wear masks for long hours, leading to irritation as it traps moisture close to the skin. Luckily, both problems come with easy solutions. Using an all-natural skincare method can help our skin stay soft and damage-free without adding harsh chemicals to the existing ingredients in soaps or hand sanitizers.


The best moisturizer for skin treatment is often natural and made with the least ingredients. For example, NORM’s almond balm is made with three simple ingredients - almond butter, hazelnut oil, and litsea essential oil. The combination of these minimal products creates a hydrating moisturizer that enhances all natural skin care. 


Dry skin can be uncomfortable, especially as summer approaches and the temperature rises. When the sun hits cracked skin, it’s essential to maintain a consistent skin treatment routine. Do yourself a favor and add a hydrating moisturizer to your daily routine! Every time you either put on a mask or take it off, wash your hands or sanitize them, follow the steps with a hydrating moisturizer.

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