Benefits of almond products for dry skin treatment

September 08, 2020

Benefits of almond products for dry skin treatment

Almonds don’t only taste good, but also have the ability to make your skin a lot healthier! That’s right, you can devour the nutritious snack, use it in various recipes, or apply it directly to your skin. Incorporating products with almonds in them contribute to maintaining skin balance and work perfectly as a dry skin treatment.


How are almonds used in skincare products?

While different procedures may be used depending on the company, one basic method of using almonds for all natural skin care is to press the raw almonds and extract the oil. That oil is then mixed with other ingredients to create a good moisturizer or other similar products.


Why should you use moisturizers with almonds in them?

You’ve probably heard an elderly family member telling you to consume a few almonds to keep your brain functioning, but almonds do more than just that. They are loaded with minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids. Products that treat dry skin such as a good moisturizer contribute to overall healthy skin that’s softer, hydrated, and less irritated. If that’s not enough of a reason, let us remind you that The Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra, who was well-known for her beauty that entails, but is not limited to her skin, was said to incorporate almonds in her skin care regime and her diet as well.


What else can almond products do besides treat extremely dry skin?

Almond products are also capable of protecting your skin from damage upon sun exposure. It can also contribute to acne-free skin and act as an anti-aging treatment. Along with applying almonds to your skin, also include a couple of them in your daily diet if you’re not allergic and double the benefits!


How often should you use an almond product?

How often you can use a product usually depends on the ingredients it consists of. If the product is natural and made with simple ingredients, there shouldn't be an issue with using it 2-3 times a day. For example, if you’re using an organic moisturizer it’s safe to use it once during the day and once at night, but refer to the labels on your product to make sure, or reach out to the company if you wanna be extra cautious! But that’s the benefit of natural products, you can’t go wrong with them because there are fewer potential risks for harm to your skin due to the lack of chemicals in them.


When in doubt about what product to integrate into your skincare regime, always opt for all-natural skincare. Whether you’re trying to treat extremely dry skin, or skin that’s on the oilier side or even a combination of both, natural products, such as NORM’s three-ingredient, simple and organic moisturizer will not disappoint!

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