Testing products on animals can cost them their lives

February 05, 2020

Testing products on animals can cost them their lives

Imagine chemicals being rubbed into your eyes or being force-fed random products, and in the end, you’re provided with no pain-relief but are left with blindness, bleeding skin and organs, or even left dead. These are things that happen to animals when they are used to test cosmetics.

To save humans from facing any potential side effects of an ingredient, animals are put through immense torture, despite the availability of other testing methods. 

Why do companies still test on animals despite the harmfulness of the procedure?

  1. New ingredients – Some companies use animals instead of other scientific testing procedures because sometimes they use new ingredients that have not been tested before. Their way of incorporating these newly discovered ingredients is by harming innocent creatures.
  2. Tradition – It’s the easier way out. It has been going on in the industry for a long time, so some companies think it’s fine to continue the process.
  3. Cost-saving – Since using scientific methods, labs, and equipment may be more expensive, it’s more affordable to torture an animal to make sure the money-making product works.

Testing products on animals isn’t limited to the beauty industry but is immensely popular in it. NORM believes that no product should be tested on animals, despite its level of harmfulness. To combat animal cruelty, we took the initiative to partner up with the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), a registered charity focusing on animal protection and advocacy in Canada. Every time you purchase a product from NORM, a part of the money goes towards the organization that provides animals with the life they deserve.


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