The benefits of planting a tree

February 05, 2020

The benefits of planting a tree

Trees play a crucial role in our lives every day. Starting from providing oxygen and different tools, to shelters. As the city develops and we get to enjoy the view of the city from a high-rise building, we often forget that these buildings are taking over the natural environment. Planting trees with every opportunity we can attain can benefit the city in several ways.

  1. More jobs – Planting more trees can provide people with more jobs in the sector, starting from the people who plant the trees to those who sell the fruits that come from it.
  2. Air cleanse – Trees absorb pollutant gases and lock them on their barks, filtering the air and making it cleaner.
  3. Food provision – Trees provide several types of food, starting from apples to avocados, feeding both humans and animals.
  4. Shelter for wildlife – As trees are a natural habitat for wildlife, it increases biodiversity.
  5. Energy conversion – If three trees are planted in a strategic manner around a home, the house may not need as much air conditioning, cutting its use by up to 50% and reducing the use of electricity.
  6. Healing properties – Some plants can be used to heal cuts, pains, and other issues or illnesses.
  7. Mental wellbeing – Being in nature surrounded by trees can be calming and stress-reducing.
  8. Increased home value – Planting trees around a property’s yard can increase its value by more than 15 percent.
  9. Economy boost – Trees provide essential products such as wood, paper, and fruits that can be sold to generate revenue.
  10. Soil erosion prevention – Wind and rain are prone to damaging soil and trees break droplets down, making it less harmful to the soil, while the roots hold the soil together to save it from potential damage from the wind.

At NORM, we understand the value of planting trees and we want to make sure our company brings a positive change in the country. We have partnered up with Tree Canada, a registered tree planting charity that has planted more than 82 million trees. So, every time you purchase a NORM product, a portion of the proceeds goes towards Tree Canada so that you can help us make the world a better place!


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